Energy Efficiency Booth Request

Energy Efficiency Booth The concept of conservation and energy efficiency has been promoted by Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative since its inception; however, with the increased demand for electricity and rising energy costs, MEC feels it is more important than ever to educate, not only our members but also the communities we serve.

To support our local communities and help educate people on how to save money, MEC participates in many local events to raise awareness about various energy-saving measures, including fairs, meetings, business after-hours, and trade shows throughout our service territory. We hand out materials focused on no-cost / low-cost energy efficiency tips that will help lower member’s electric bills. Educating people on products they can purchase at local hardware stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Walmart to weatherize their homes and help save energy is an additional benefit that we promote.

MEC’s energy efficiency booth, printed literature, website, and energy audits are just a few examples of how Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative is working with our members to reduce their energy usage.For more information about how MEC can assist you or your organization by participating in a local event, please call (434) 372-6137.