Call Before You Dig

Call before you dig—it’s the law!

811 LogoDid you know that according to the Code of Virginia, underground utility lines must be installed at depths that are “in accordance with accepted industry standards?”

Even if you know the date of installation of an underground utility, there is no guarantee that the line will be at a standard depth. On new construction, the final grade of a new lawn may change as construction crews move dirt that covers the utilities. For this reason, Virginia law requires that excavators use care when excavating near marked utilities.

And excavators aren’t the only ones who should use care. If you are planning to dig in your yard, be sure to call Miss Utility at least three days in advance (not counting weekends and holidays) to have your underground utilities marked. Be safe, not sorry. You are responsible for damage to underground lines if you do not contact 811 (formerly Miss Utility) before you dig. For more information visit the 811 website.