Safety Demonstration

Mrs. TharpeMecklenburg Electric Cooperative gives fun and interactive safety demonstrations that drive home the message of electrical safety to kids.

We use an interactive display called “Safety Town” to show elementary school students how to be safe in their neighborhoods. It shows the dangers of a downed electric line on a car, digging in a yard, playing around a substation, flying a kite, and other scenarios. It is a great opportunity to educate the children on how to prevent dangerous electrical situations.

For the older children, we have a “High Line” display that gives them a glimpse of the raw power coursing through electric lines. The students get to see the result of a blown fuse caused by a short on the power line. This creates a loud noise and the intensity of the electricity is shown by burning a tree limb in half.

To show the danger of electricity, they also see a demonstration that fries a hotdog and a bulb lighting up through a thin dirty string. This display gets the kids’ attention and gives us an opportunity to review with them our restoration process which includes closing breakers and re-fusing cutouts.

We also convey the message that even though power lines bring the convenience of electricity to their homes, they can cause serious injury or death. Everyone needs to be cautious and never work or play near overhead and underground power lines.